Let flowers rule the world

The flower is
the stem’s cry of beauty
to the universe.
-Vassilis Comporozos

Faux flowers can be as beautiful as real flowers

We all love flowers. We are offering our faux flowers which are as beautiful as fresh flowers. We can proudly say that our flowers are long-lasting and you don’t really take care of them. You can find them in the colors you want all year round and you can probably mix and match with fresh flowers to have the styles you want. We also provide flower arrangements for our stylist!

Faux flowers don’t have any pollen. This makes them perfect for everyone, especially the guests at your wedding party. You can also pack them in your suitcase for overseas wedding shooting. We are offering some wedding floral gift ideas.

Refresh your home with small little things

Flovina believes that everyone can create your own lovely home with a small little decoration. Flowers can bring comfort. Home decor can affect emotions. Colors can enhance your mood. Therefore, we provide a wide range of home decor to transform your home in your personal style. Let's enhance your quality of life by adding little pieces in your comfortable home!